How to play online FM at GOCLand

First of all let’s define game types. We can talk about three kind of it:

  • Offline: When you choose a team and play against the computer (AI) through seasons.

    • Positive:

      • You can play whenever you want.

      • You can buy and sell players.

    • Negative:

      • You can play only against the computer, which can be boring after a time.

      • You will be only your own rockstar, or you have to build a community (on Facebook or Twitter) to share your career with the others.

  • Network: You can call it online-career game too. When you find other human players (your friends, or people from a forum), everybody choose a team, and play against the computer plus sometimes against each other through seasons.

    • Positive:

      • You can play against human players too.

      • You can enjoy the game with your friends.

    • Negative:

      • It is hard to find a timeslot when all of your friends can play with you.

      • You will be a rockstar only for your friends, or you have to build a community (on Facebook or Twitter) to share your career with the others.

  • Online: When you play (usually) only two matches against your opponent in online Versus mode.

    • Positive:

      • You can play every match against human players.

      • Your results will be reachable online right after the match.

      • Your tactic skill will improve.

      • You can be a rockstar in a community where you can challenge others - and the others can challenge you too, of course.

    • Negative:

      • You cannot play with the same team through seasons.

      • You cannot buy and sell players.

So online FM at GOCLand is not network game!


You can play online versus game only with a purchased game!

Read more Rules here.



In a ladder, any participant may challenge another.

Write to your opponent before challenge her/him! The challenge may be rejected by the challenged if they choose, so it is better to challenge only those who can play with you.


Choosing teams

You and your opponent can not play with the same team, so you have to agree with your opponent about the teams. If it is hard for you to agree , then you can give a team order to each other, for example:

Your list: Real Madrid, Chelsea, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Manchester City

Your opponent list: Real Madrid, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Manchester City

The first difference between you and your opponent list is at the third team, so you will play with Barcelona, and you your opponent will play with Bayern Munich.

Or you can use our pot system too.

Now you have to agree who will create the game, and who will join.

Read an example conversation between two imagined players:


Create new online game

1) Click to VERSUS in Football Manager Touch 2017

 Create New FM2017 Online Game

2) Head-to-Head League, then Create competition

Create Head-to-Head League competition

3) Fill your Personal Details and Choose your team. It is not allowed to import your team, so you have to play with the original squad!

4) Online Game Preferences

Click to the FM logo in the main menu, go to Preferences, then select Online Game Preferences.

Add a server password and give it to your opponent.

Highlight mode: Key (or less)

Replay mode: None

Highligth speed: 3 or 4 clicks from the center.

Online FM2017 preferences

Now you have wait while you opponent join.


Join to online game

1) Select join online game in the main menu:

Join Online FM2017 Game

2) Search the server by name, click to it, then click to Join game.

Search for online FM2017 games   



The initial result is determined by the aggregate score of the two played matches. You will play one match at home and the other one at away. For example: Your team is Barcelona, and your opponent’s team is Real Madrid. You win at home to 3:1, and lose away to 1:2, then the final result of these two matches is 4:3, so you are the winner.

Away goals count only in cup games, but draw allowed in ladders. If you loose away to 0:2 at the second match, then the final result would be 3:3, but your opponent scored a goal at your home, so she/he is the winner, and the submitted result have to be 3:4.

Upload a photo about the in game results page after the second match, e.g.:

 Add final result



I want to join
You can join to each tournament which is in "Awaiting start" status. Please check this page for example:

Bugtracker, Home of Global Challengers