How to create a match protest?

If there is a problem at any match that participants can not solve between each other, then it is possible to create protest.

Where can I create protest?

  • You can create protest only at You can find the Create protest button at Match actions buttons. Protests filed at Facebook, IRC, e-mail are not valid.
     Where to create match protest?

What the protest must contain?

  • You have to specify the problem as much as you can when write information in Protest message field. It is not enough that "the other participant cheated". Read through your message before you save it, and think about your protes message as if you were one of the admins.
  • You can attach a file to the protest. You can attach screen shot, or e.g. log. You can describe the problem, or use it as a proof.
  • The language of the protest is always the language of the group. So you have to write in italian if the tournament was created for Italian players, and in english at international tournaments. Take care of your spelling!
  • Insults in any form are strictly forbidden. Nor at the protest message, nor at comments.

Who can create protest?

  • Only the match participants can create protests. At team matches only the Team-Admins can create protests.

Who can see match protests and comments?

  • Only the match participants (or Team-Admins) can and tournament admin can see the protests and comments to it.

Changes of these guidelines are possible at any time.


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