FM19 Online Champions League

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Knockout phase is a single-elimination tournament.

Cup Size: 32 participiants! 

Participants play 4 legs against each other. Twice with TeamA and twice with TeamB.

Away goals do NOT count. If participants score the same number of goals, then they must play four new matches. So these new matches decide. If the same happens again, then participants must play third times again, and so on, until somebody wins. Screenshots needed only from the latest matches, and participants must enter the result of these matches.


  • Round of 32: 01/03/2019 23:50 (GMT)
  • Round of 16: 20/03/2019 23:50 (GMT)
  • Quarter-finals: 20/04/2019 23:50 (GMT)
  • Semi-finals: 10/05/2019 23:50 (GMT)
  • Final: 01/06/2019 20:00 (GMT)
  • You can play your matches anytime before the deadline.

You can see your teams on the comment of Match Details page.

Join a fb group to find your match partners :

Winner get a Football Manager 2020!!

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