Alpha 12 (1st Qualification Tournament)

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Alpha 12 (1st Qualification Tournament) is a single-elimination tournament.

Cup Size: 64 participiants! 


This is an International FM19 Online Tournament where you can win a free copy of Football Manager 2020!

We organize 4 Qualifications where participants will get points after every match.

How can I join to this tournament:


  • Sign Up Deadline : 2019.03.10. 19:50 (GMT)
  • Tournament Start : 2019.03.10. 20:00 (GMT)
  • Round of 32 : 2019.03.23. 23:50 (GMT)
  • Round of 16 : 2019.03.30. 23:50 (GMT)
  • Quarter Final : 2019.04.06. 23:50 (GMT)
  • Semi Final: 2019.04.013. 23:50 (GMT)
  • Final : 2019.04.20. 23:50 (GMT)
  • You can play your matches anytime before the deadline.​​


Read the Rules before Sign up to the tournament!


  • Admins will NOT write you on Steam and on Facebook about everything personally.

  • You need to start the conversation to your opponent about the match date ! If one of the match participants miss it, then the other participant need to create protest and the tournament admins will handle the situation.

  • You need to write a comment to your match about the match date.

  • You have  1weeks to play your matches in the Rounds, but you can play your matches anytime before the deadline.​​

Tournament Informations:

Participants get points for every match:

  • ​winning a match: 30 points​
  • losing a match: 10 points
  • no playing match (draw with penalty points): 0 points
  • go to the next round without match (BYE, playoff): 0 point
  • Finalist points: Winner get 100 points and the Silver Medalist get 50 points
  • Who collected the most points in the Qualifications (12 participants) will qualify for the Alpha 12 Final.

How to play:

  • Match format : Versus Cup Play each Teams 3 Times (This format  guarantee to each teams play againts one HOME game and one Away game.
  • Away goals COUNT!
  • If after 2 games will be eqaul (for example 1-1 and 1-1) just in this case you need to play the 3rd match. If after 3rd match still eqaul the FM automatically create a 4th match with extra time and penalty shout-out.
  • Before the match you need use a pot system:
    Here can find:

Here its an example how to listing, how to use pot system.

  • PlayerA: Hi, we should have to play in the Online FM Tournament
  • PlayerB: Hi, play now?
  • PlayerA: Ok. Which pot? Teams?
  • It is not allowed to import your team, so you have to play with the original squad! You and your opponent can not play with the same team, so you have to agree with your opponent about the teams. Choose your team from a pot
  • PlayerB: Pot C is good for you?
  • PlayerA: No, I don’t like pot C. Pot B?
  • You have to give your team order to each other from the same pot at the same time (for example after countdown).
  • PlayerB: Okey. I write my order.
  • PlayerA: Me too. I count.
  • PlayerB: ready…
  • PlayerA: 3
  • PlayerA: 2
  • PlayerA: 1
  • PlayerA: Everton, Inter, Atletico, Liverpool, Milan, Roma, PSG
  • PlayerB: Everton, Liverpool, PSG, Atletico, Roma, Inter, Milan
  • The first difference between PlayerA and PlayerB list is at the second team, so PlayerA will play with Inter, and PlayerB will play with Liverpool
  • PlayerA: I create the game
  • PlayerB: Okey
  • PlayerA: Ready. Password: xyz
  • PlayerB: I join. Good luck!
  • PlayerA: Good luck & Have fun!
  • You and your opponent can not play with the same team, so you have to agree with your opponent about the teams.
  • Playable teams : See in Picture (Kalap means: Pot)




Alpha 12 Final winner get a Football Manager 2020!

Round 1

Match 1
CA 17. adeola_yinka 3
Match 2
Match details
PL 16. jarosze100 5
Match 3
Match details
RO 24. jaxika 1
ID 25. azerezandy 1
Match 4
Match details
HU 8. vido.david 0
Match 5
Match details
PL 28. Rafi 5
ID 21. Ayatollah 5
Match 6
Match details
ID 12. Firumy 2
HU 13. Lackow 3
Match 7
Match details
ID 20. andriasyhari 1
ID 3. kazkaz89 4
Match 9
Match details
ID 30. lutfifauzi99 1
HU 19. Pippo 3
Match 10
Match details
ID 14. tietos33 7
Match 12
Match details
HU 6. dmbaranyai 3
ID 7. Baseball 4
Match 13
Match details
ID 26. yamtagi 1
Match 14
Match details
HU 10. Gabszi 5
HU 15. Gerrard 0
Match 15
Match details
ID 18. iswansyahnur 1
Match 16
ID 2. SS17 1

Round 5

Round 5

Bracket refreshes every minute



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