FM18 LiveCup #1

Tournament status


LiveCup means that the Single-Elimination Tournament finishes on the same evening when it begin - usually after few hours from the beginning.

Tournament slots are limited to 16 participant players. You can Sign up to the waiting list too!

Teams to use in this tournament (Pot "A")


Bayern München


Manchester United


Real Madrid

Atletico Madrid


Please, set Pot "A" as your first choice in your Pot order, and set your Team order for Pot "A" at your Account.

How can I join to this tournament?

  • Read the Rules! Especially the LiveCup specific rules
  • Login or register at
  • Click to the Sign up link at the to of this page
  • Enter the Chatroom of our Steam Group 10 minutes before the tournament start! If you won't enter the Chatroom 5 minutes before the start of the LiveCup and there is a player in the waiting list, then that player will play in the tournament instead of you.
  • Sign up deadline: 2017.11.19. 18:20 (CET)
  • Tournament START: 2017.11.19. 18:30 (CET)
  • One match decides in Online Versus Knockout Cup game with extra-time and penalities.

Minimum players needed

  • We will start the LiveCup Tournament if at least 6 players Signed up!

Round 1

HU 1. klasszis 1
Match 1
Match details
HU 8. hipohondra 3
HU 5. omg 2
Match 2
Match details
HU 4. pasztisz 1
HU 3. Madrogue 3
Match 3
Match details
HU 7. Lukász 0
Match 4
Match details
HU 2. bertrodagi 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 3

Bracket refreshes every minute

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