FM17 pots

Notice that these pots can differ in countries. Admins of every country has the right to use unique pots for their tournaments.

If you disagree with any pot just leave your opinion down at comments. Thank you!

You and your opponent can not play with the same team, so you have to agree with your opponent about the teams.

Use the new Pot System Function instead of manually pasting your order into Steam:

Here is an example conversation between two imagined participants:

pot "A":

FC Barcelona

Juventus FC

Real Madrid CF

FC Bayern München

Manchester United FC

Chelsea FC

pot "B":

Liverpool FC

Everton FC

Paris Saint-Germain FC

Borussia Dortmund

 SS Lazio

AS Roma

pot "C":

Tottenham Hotspur FC

Valencia CF

AC Milan

FC Internazionale Milano

 Bayer 04 Leverkusen

FC Schalke 04

pot "D":

 Newcastle United FC

Fenerbahçe SK

Club Atlético River Plate

CA Boca Juniors

 Beşiktaş JK

 Swansea City AFC

pot "E":

 Sheffield Wednesday

 Leeds United

 Aston Villa FC

Nottingham Forest

 Fulham FC

 Norwich City

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