Online Football Manager 2017 Champions League

FM17 Online Champions League, Black Branch

FM17 Online Champions League, Blue Branch

Tournament information

  • We will play with the teams from the UEFA Champions League. We would like to guarantee the fair play so we will use a structure where participants will play against each other with stronger teams then with weaker teams too.
  • Slots: 64, you can Sign up to the Waiting list too. We will create two groups stages, or more if needed!
  • Sign up deadline: 07/01/2017 22:00 GMT

  • Start of the Group stage: 09/01/2017
  • End of the Group stage: published later
  • For the first stage of the competition, the participants were divided randomly into groups. The game system is a championship; Participants will play 2 head-to-head league matches in versus game mode against the others in each sub-tournament and they will collect points. 3 points for the winner of a match, 1 point for draw. So there will be 4 sub-tournaments for each group.
  • Let's see an example:
    Online Football Manager 2017 Champions League Illustration
    You are in Group A. You will be with Arsenal in the 1st sub-tournament, and with FC Basel in the 2nd sub-tournament, then with Paris Saint-Germain in the 3rd sub-tournament, finally with PFK Ludogorec Razgrad in the 4th sub-tournament. The other group members will play with different teams in each sub-tournament too.
  • So each participants will play 24 matches (2x3x4) in the Group stage.
  • The participants that finish first and second in each group will qualify for the Knockout stage.
  • You have 3 days to start the conversation to your opponent about the match date in each sub-tournament. If one of the match participants miss it, then the other participant need to create protest and the Tournament Admin Team will handle the situation.
  • You need to write a comment to your match about the match date.
  • You have 7 days to play your matches, but you can play your matches anytime before the deadline.
  • This tournament is exactly the same as the FM16 Online Champions League.

Tournament Specific Rules

  • Match is one-leg fixture in Online Versus Head-to-Head League game, so you need to play one match at "home ground" and one other match at "away" and the scores of these matches are initial results. Read this carefully, because this is not the same what we use in other tournaments!
  • Conversation deadline: You need to start to talk to your opponent about the match date 7 days after your match was generated at the very latest. Open a new protest if your opponent don't answer!
  • Match deadline: You need to play all of your matches before ...

Read the Rules!

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