FM17 Online Champions League, Blue Branch, 1st sub-tournament

Tournament status

Group 1
1 AdnanFach651015411016
2 ss madjoe6321945011
3 Rafi6123813-505
4 Chisanqa6015415-1101
Group 2
1 Lackow640211101012
2 hipohondra632122814011
3 wied_wijanarko6231119209
4 gilanggks6015926-1701
Group 3
1 CopyCat651021714016
2 Böcse62221213-108
3 nosztaguru6213916-707
4 erresya602428-602
Group 4
1 madzharenko641118711013
2 FitroyMandela6312871010
3 Ghost6213711-407
4 Gabszi6114715-804
Group 5
1 farhannazie650121129015
2 aquila1463032120109
3 jarosze10062042116506
4 APEL62041530-1506
Group 6
1 Madrogue660017611018
2 sinaga612379-205
3 irvan cardozo6123710-305
4 Batistuta86604228-604

Tournament Specific Rules

  • Play with fix teams.
  • Match is one-leg fixture in Online Versus Head-to-Head League game, so you need to play one match at "home ground" and one other match at "away" and the scores of these matches are INITIAL RESULTS. Read this carefully, because this is not the same what we use in other tournaments!
  • Conversation deadline: You need to start to talk about the match date 7 days after your match was generated at the very latest. Open a new protest if your opponent don't answer!
  • Match deadline: You need to play all of your matches in this sub-tournament (so just 3 matches) before 29/01/2017 20:00 (GMT).

Read the Rules too!

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