FM16 Global 1on1 ladder

Tournament status


Tournament ends on 27/10/2016 - 8:23pm

1Up 1 since last matchPL Rafi20123511116
2Rank not changed since last matchHU Water764172821115
3Down 2 since last matchHU hipohondra7137112301094
4Rank not changed since last matchHU freefradi1263301087
5Up 2 since last matchID ss madjoe1793511084
6Up 5 since last matchRU heicht1070321082
7Down 4 since last matchHU gina9284650141076
8Up 4 since last matchHU jcsabi007431031075
9Up 10 since last matchCA Maestro FC301421431061
10Down 6 since last matchHU szenegal1341551401060
11Up 2 since last matchHU Sting1471611059
12Up 1 since last matchRO klausito850351057
13Down 3 since last matchHU яιcнιє640221056
14Down 4 since last matchHU RealGhost430131053
15Up 7 since last matchPT fabioguerreiro21430131048
16Down 4 since last matchID erresya835001048
17Up 1 since last matchPT BIGBenfica9220021048
18Up 2 since last matchBG madzharenko960321047
19Up 1 since last matchHU Tymeea220021043
20Up 3 since last matchHU salba211011033
21Up 7 since last matchHU Menyus462361711030
22Up 4 since last matchHU varju96841331030
23Initial rankRO Mihai MiB110011028
24Up 3 since last matchHU Joey341711631027
25Up 4 since last matchID Nicolas.lie7320111027
26Initial rankGB jksweeney110011025
27Initial rankMT FreakOfNature110011025
28Down 6 since last matchHU klasszis211011018
29Down 6 since last matchTR djsertaj1562711017
30Down 16 since last matchHU Buff0n530201008
31Down 15 since last matchHU Madrogue631201007
32Up 10 since last matchHU wjoc10311111007
33Down 7 since last matchUA tem941401003
34Down 2 since last matchGB erico228202001000
35Down 26 since last matchRS ricdavid21010999
36Down 15 since last matchBR fabiom21010995
37Up 2 since last matchHU zionduc114251993
38Up 9 since last matchHU Ghost157172992
39Down 9 since last matchGB aarontmarshall54259200990
40Down 16 since last matchHU Hájböri1462130988
41Down 24 since last matchHU Pirospottyos31020984
42Down 21 since last matchHU hasy.adam20110983
43Up 6 since last matchHU Mangerd124261982
44Down 8 since last matchHU bertrodagi62130982
45Initial rankHU kovacsnorbert8510010982
46Initial rankPL kosa10010982
47Up 10 since last matchHU SZTROHAR31124151980
48Up 7 since last matchHU Lackow32106161980
49Down 3 since last matchHU KisBundás52031979
50Initial rankHU Gregman10010979
51Initial rankSD alkwaga10010978
52Initial rankRU Kendal10010977
53Initial rankGB casismirius10010977
54Down 3 since last matchID farzady30210970
55Down 24 since last matchHU terjekm95115240969
56Down 1 since last matchHU jaksa51131963
57Down 17 since last matchHU chaos0741031961
58Down 15 since last matchHU Gabszi26104120954
59Down 9 since last matchHU Gebesz51041946
60Down 8 since last matchID cilukbafc72050945
61Down 32 since last matchNL GSBlackeagle71240942
62Down 31 since last matchHU Susu30030939
63Down 13 since last matchBR ericolt20020935
64Down 15 since last matchHU MesterAti61050923
65Down 7 since last matchPL jarosze1001853100912
66Down 2 since last matchHU nosztaguru1375716640911
67Down 23 since last matchRS lancemisensei50140908
68Down 32 since last matchHU vido.david134180906
69Down 6 since last matchID gilanggks1962110903
70Down 8 since last matchDE Szunai742611370895
71Down 1 since last matchBG LFCBG60060877
72Down 14 since last matchHU omg1950140854
Inactive participants
0UnrankedHU pinter000001000
0UnrankedIL asaFM000001000
0UnrankedGB Kamakazeee000001000
0UnrankedGB ctguk12000001000
0UnrankedHU ceze92000001000
0UnrankedID farhannazie000001000
0UnrankedHU Lehi89000001000
0UnrankedFR Vulrak000001000
0UnrankedPT Blinco000001000
0UnrankedUS diamonddawg000001000
0UnrankedMY matt5039000001000
0UnrankedUS Kevin000001000
0UnrankedTR manwithcheese000001000
0UnrankedGB iamvengance000001000
0UnrankedIE aaatommy000001000
0UnrankedPT Kavens000001000
0UnrankedPL Gabrys417000001000
0UnrankedLB khalloudee000001000
0UnrankedFR lalafe1000001000
0UnrankedBR BigNando000001000
0UnrankedHU kisgizi99000001000
0UnrankedRO jaxika000001000
0UnrankedHU roomy000000
0UnrankedDE SirNorbo4420101411091
0UnrankedHU lespolish000001000
0UnrankedHU Lukász000001000
0UnrankedCA blaze000001000
0UnrankedHU geri000001000

The ladder differs from knockout tournaments in that you can play anytime when it is good for you and for your opponent. So there is no draw, you only have to agree with your opponent. This is your best chance to develop your Online tactic.

  • Play 2 matches in Head-to-Head versus game mode. Match result is the aggregated score of two legs (there is a draw in the ladder). Your points will be changed according to the ELO rating system. Read more about 'What is the ladder' or see our FM15 Global Ladder.
  • You can challenge the same opponent maximum twice in 24 hours.
  • The ladder force the highest ranked participant to accept challenges.
  • Read the rules here

Only Global group members are able to sign up to this tournament.


What is the ladder? How can I play in ladders? Details here

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