FM18 Global 1on1 ladder

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Tournament ends on 31/10/2018 - 8:31pm

1Initial rankHU pasztisz101001005
2Initial rankDE SirNorbo10100995
Inactive participants
0UnrankedHU hipohondra000001000
0UnrankedHU Lukász000001000
0UnrankedBG madzharenko000001000
0UnrankedHU Sypee021000001000
0UnrankedHU mlucifer000001000
0UnrankedHU redneck000001000
0UnrankedHU kopasz0705000001000
0UnrankedHU Gerrard000001000
0UnrankedHU toto454000001000
0UnrankedHU SZTROHAR000001000
0UnrankedHU omg000001000
0UnrankedHU nosztaguru000001000
0UnrankedDE Szunai000001000
0UnrankedHU Gabszi000001000
0UnrankedHU Lackow000001000
0UnrankedPL Rafi000001000
0UnrankedPL jarosze100000001000
0UnrankedHU Madrogue000001000
0UnrankedHU SzB000001000

The ladder differs from knockout tournaments in that you can play anytime when it is good for you and for your opponent. You only have to agree the teams and time with your opponent. This is your best chance to develop your Online tactic.

Only Global group members are able to sign up to this tournament.


What is the ladder? How can I play in ladders? Details here


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