FM17 Global 1on1 ladder

Tournament status


Tournament ends on 06/11/2017 - 5:04pm

1Up 1 since last matchHU SZTROHAR30184811120
2Down 1 since last matchHU Lackow770071119
3Up 3 since last matchHU Lukász1993711057
4Up 3 since last matchUA tem20102811052
5Up 2 since last matchPL jarosze100220021041
6Rank not changed since last matchHU Susu523021040
7Up 1 since last matchBG madzharenko321021039
8Up 3 since last matchHU hasy.adam211011034
9Initial rankHU Gabszi110011024
10Down 5 since last matchHU nosztaguru530201018
11Rank not changed since last matchPL miodek29211001012
12Down 2 since last matchHU Hájböri14311101009
13Up 4 since last matchHU roomy1471611006
14Initial rankHU Kishamza101001005
15Up 5 since last matchHU Sypee02121011998
16Down 5 since last matchHU imrefarkas951040310990
17Rank not changed since last matchHU omg177280989
18Initial rankRU heicht10010975
19Down 7 since last matchDE SirNorbo20110972
20Down 10 since last matchHU Madrogue20110970
21Initial rankHU hipohondra10010967
22Down 4 since last matchHU ppospischill20020956
23Down 5 since last matchHU gepi9230030940
24Down 1 since last matchDE Szunai61050921
25Rank not changed since last matchPL Rafi1211100859
Inactive participants
0UnrankedGB Matt Pearson000001000
0UnrankedRU Mu5tang000001000
0UnrankedID erresya000001000
0UnrankedID gilanggks000001000
0UnrankedID ss madjoe000001000
0UnrankedID farhannazie000001000
0UnrankedID aquila14000001000
0UnrankedID aryaym03000001000
0UnrankedID arseva19000001000
0UnrankedHU pasztisz1422100887
0UnrankedID FitroyMandela000001000
0UnrankedID jump.james000001000
0UnrankedID sinaga000001000
0UnrankedBG todorakis000001000
0UnrankedDK Chisanqa000001000
0UnrankedID APEL000001000

The ladder differs from knockout tournaments in that you can play anytime when it is good for you and for your opponent. You only have to agree the teams and time with your opponent. This is your best chance to develop your Online tactic.

  • Play 2 matches in Head-to-Head versus game mode. Match result is the aggregated score of two legs (there is a draw in the ladder). Your points will be changed according to the ELO rating system. Read more about 'What is the ladder' or see our FM16 Global Ladder.
  • You can challenge the same opponent maximum twice in 24 hours.
  • Teams: Use Fantasy Teams, or agree in two different real teams.
  • Read the rules here

Only Global group members are able to sign up to this tournament.


What is the ladder? How can I play in ladders? Details here

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